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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products

The F-Tech X Bench 1500, down and rear draught extraction bench for centralised systems, 1.5 meter.

Suitable for extraction of welding fumes and particulate, sanding, grinding, iron, marble, plastic and all activities where there is a need to protect the operator and create a safe working area.

  • An efficient and versatile 1.5mtr down and rear draught bench
  • For efficient use in the extraction and filtration of welding
    or grinding fume particle recovery, deburring, polishing of components and items with limited weights and measures
  • Additionally it can be used for small manual thermal cutting operations
  • Rugged standardised suction surface which is modifiable depending on work to be carried out
  • Sealed dust collection drawers
  • Internal mechanical pre-filtration section composed
    of a cylindrical spark-trap steel mesh filter
  • Accessories available
  • Additional PPE recommended 

The F-Tech Bench Filter Pro 2000 is an efficient and versatile downdraught bench. Used for suction of fumes and spoiled work dust, welding fumes, grinding, wood, metal, marble, plastic and for all activities necessary to protect the operator and create a safe working area.

  • Useful 2mtr wide work surface (1870 x 715mm)
  • G2 pre-filters, metal mesh 70%
  • F7 rigid pocket filter 2 95%
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel the
    X Bench Filter Pro 2000 comes complete with: 
    • Plenum chamber - dust separator, sparks eliminator
    • Filtering section with F7 efficiency, with an easy sideways
      removal for maintenance and parts replacement.
    • Practical extractable chest for major slag collection
    • Sealed dust collection drawers
    • A work plan splitter to create a double working space
    • Centrifugal fan with backward curved impeller
    • Side exhaust silencer to allow a re-entry of purified air
      into the workplace
  • Additional PPE recommended
  • Suitable applications: Welding fumes, Wood, Metal, Smoothing, Marble, Plastic